Artist. Designer. A Maker of Many Things.

My name is Michelle and I have been dreaming and creating since childhood. Many days and night were spent being creative with my mom in a small apartment filled with an abundance of imagination in the Bronx! My world of creativity was also fueled by my first love, dance. Along with dance classes and performances I would also create my own stories, dances, costumes and sets to entertain my family. My days were filled with endless ideas and fun.
As an adult I am truly grateful to have had a career as a professional dancer. For the last 20 years dance has taken me all over the world, opening my eyes to all the beauty in it and influencing my creative flow. My love for fiber arts was rekindled when I started touring, I remembered how to crochet & taught myself how to knit. Over the years I have taken various classes in knitting, crocheting, ribbonry and felting. When I began felting, I couldn’t get enough of it. I’m fascinated with fiber and discovering all that can be done with it. Naturally after my mom acquired her alpaca ranch I jumped for joy! Alpaca fiber is such a treat to work with and I look forward to sharing it with you all.