Caring For Your Felts


Felt is a durable fabric, with gentle care, it will last for many years.



Proper Storage & Preventative Pest Damage

  • Keep your felt products as dry as possible.
  • Avoid storing in humid conditions.
  • Store felt products with Lavender, Eucalyptus and tree tea scent to repel bugs.
  • Store felt products in airtight containers. 
  • For felt clothing or felt shoes, store  in a breathable cotton bag with lavender.

 Cleaning Method (A)

  • Spot Clean using cold water and mild soap (avoid using hot water, it can shrink your felt)
  • Very, Very Gently rub where the stain is.
  • To remove soap residue, damp a lint-free cloth with clean water. 
  • Very, Very Gently wipe it off. Repeat as required.
  • Using a dry towel, press down on your felt to remove any excess water
  • Allow your felt to air dry.

Cleaning Method (B)

  • Hand wash gently in cool water, mild soap and very little agitation. 
  • Gently roll or press in a towel to remove excess moisture. 
  • Lay flat to dry

 Pilling is a natural characteristic of all types of wool.

  • Freshen felts by using an Electric Fabric Shaver or Lint / Pill Remover to gently remove pills and fuzzies.