About Suri & Caya

"Upon careful examination, one will uncover the intricate choreography that lies within".

Michelle Fleet, a fiber artist and former professional dancer, founded Suri & Caya in 2016. The brand takes its name from two types of alpacas: Suri and Huacaya. You will find alpaca fiber incorporated into many pieces at S&C. Michelle's brand is shaped by her extensive dance background, global explorations, passion for felting, and desire for artistic expression. Her distinct viewpoint and multifaceted background have been instrumental in the development of S&C as a brand. Michelle is deeply committed to the artistic process of felting, as it brings each creation in her studio to life. These tactile creations embody an authentic sense of curiosity and deep passion for the craft of felting. Through Suri & Caya, Michelle showcases her unwavering dedication, craftsmanship, and enthusiasm for introducing others to the limitless possibilities in the world of felting.