The Artist - Michelle Fleet

I am a self-taught fiber artist from the Bronx, now based in Brooklyn. My passion lies in creating intricate felted pieces using a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques. My artistic sensibilities have been profoundly shaped by two decades of experience working with the renowned Paul Taylor Dance Company.  Collaborating with immensely talented artists during this time has greatly influenced my work as a fiber artist. I find that felting can be likened to dance, it involves structured improvisation and allows for creative expression within certain constraints. Like dancing, felting provides a physical and meditative experience, deepening my connection to this tactile art form. Observing the fibers gracefully intertwine with one another ignites my curiosity and fuels my passion for creation. Upon careful examination, one will uncover the intricate choreography that lies within. 




From tapestries to sculptures, decor to accessories, raw fibers are transformed into captivating art through meticulous planning and spontaneous fiber manipulation. I prioritize sustainable materials like alpaca, sheep's wool, yak, camel, and silk. The alpaca fiber used is sourced from my family's alpaca ranch in Washington state, offering a range of colors and textures. Occasionally, I incorporate vibrant colors to infuse energy into my creations. Moreover, these natural fibers forge a deep connection to nature itself and remind us to only utilize what is truly essential. As an artist, my work centers on capturing the vitality of dance, the serene elegance of nature and the rawness of the world.  As I continue to explore my unique voice as a fiber artist, it is my utmost endeavor to share my work and embody the essence of my community through the art of felting.